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    April 7, 2023, 10:17 a.m.

    A year ago this month I ordered a Q2 which I received a couple of weeks later. On a couple of other threads on DPR I said that it was the best photographic spend of money I ever did. Maybe I was wrong because I’ve well and truly got the Leica bug !! I also own a Nikon Z7 with assorted lenses and considering selling them and replacing them with either

    1 - SL2, like for like swap really so would I gain anything ?
    2 - M11, because I love the size of this camera and its lenses. Drawback, not really a long (200mm) option and no IBIS to speak of

    So am I stupid wanting to change and which option do you reckon I should look at.

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    April 7, 2023, 10:34 a.m.

    My D850 plus the three professional zooms got to be too heavy, so I changed to an X-Pro 3 plus (now) six lenses. I like the Fuji a lot, but then I made the mistake of buying a Q2 and saw at once what the fuss was about and it’s now my preferred camera. I’ve kept the Fuji for the times when I need ultra-wide angle (8mm) and telephoto (200mm, 300mm equivalent). I’ve caught the Leica bug badly and I’m now looking for an M10-R and a Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2. I don’t know how I’ll get on with the M10, but it’s been a longstanding ambition to own a Leica M. I’ll probably keep the Fuji for the odd use when the Q2/M combination doesn’t quite do what I need. In the end, the pleasure obtained from using the camera counts as much as the technical aspects and the Leica experience is the best I’ve encountered so far.

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    April 8, 2023, 5:41 a.m.

    I got a Q2 about 18 months ago and also caught the Leica bug. The files just seem to have a richness with very little effort in post, whereas images from my Fuji X system often seemed to need a lot more work. The Leica colors and 3D pop were next level.

    So, I dived in the deep end in January this year and bought a used SL2 system. Since then I've added the Leica 16-35, 24-70 and 90-280. All of them were purchased used to try to defray the eye watering cost of new Leica lenses. I also demo'd the SL 50 APO and while it is capable of amazing images, for what I do the zooms seem to fit my style better. I did also buy a couple Sigma L lenses - the 100-400 (on the fence on that one), and the 20/1.4 ART which is really beautiful for night sky images.

    -nothing I've ever experienced comes close to the images I have taken with the SL2 and the 90-280. Just jaw dropping amazing. And, the other zooms have helped me create images that are also next level up from what I could do with my Fuji zooms
    -similar to the Q2, the images just pop with little effort in post, and the colors are rich and saturated
    -the handling, the menus, the buttons layout and flexibility, the joystick... IOW, everything about the handling is such a joy to use and a huge improvement over the Fuji X system (I demo'd a GFX100s and loved the images, but really wanted to move on from the overly complicated menus of Fuji, Nikon, Sony, etc)

    -this is a definite step up in the size and weight category
    -I needed to buy some new camera carry solutions; a new backpack (Peak 20L not big enough), and a few other lens sleeves, etc
    -I also had to upgrade my CPL and ND filters... I had 77mm before and now need 82mm. Good news, ALL of the Leica zooms use 82mm filters, and so does my Sigma 20 ART; so one set of filters will go a long way with no adapters.
    -no PDAF, but CDAF only. If AFc and tracking is important to you then the SL2(s) may disappoint. AFs works great, and it fits my style; but it does not fit everyone's, and the Nikon you have may have faster AF (sorry I don't know your system so guessing a bit here)

    Would I do it again? Absolutely! The difference in IQ is noticeable.

    Will the weight and size affect some of where I carry the gear? Probably. If I'm really concerned about that, the Q2 is the likely solution. But, if I want a long lens solution, the SL2+Sigma 100-400 is noticeably heavier than the X-T3+100-400 (although the Sigma lens is actually smaller and lighter than the Fuji lens - its the body of the SL2 that is so much bigger and heavier). Now if I want to take the SL2+90-280 then we are at another level up in size and especially weight; I don't think I'd hike nearly as far with that combo and another lens or 2...

    I hope the above is helpful.


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    April 8, 2023, 8:26 a.m.

    Thanks Brad, that gives me a good insight. I must admit I’m edge towards an M simply because of size and weight but I would have a lot of learning to do. I’ve researched my metadata on LR and found by far the highest % of my images are at 70mm or less. I think the only way forward is to get my hands on both cameras and give them a try. My nearest Leica store are happy to put a camera your hands and let you wander for a couple of hours.