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    June 22, 2023, 9:40 p.m.

    On my brand new Sigma 150-600 C, I discovered today that rotating the camera using the Colar was not a pleasant experience 😢

    W H Y ?

    So this evening I removed the collar turning the top central tag to the "remove" tag bottom left.

    To my big surprise, I found black dirt on the lens body where the collar touches the body.

    2023-06-22 22.25.41.jpg

    Inside the collar seating, there was a scrap 3cm long. Only on one side.

    2023-06-22 22.30.40.jpg

    I checked all the bearings but none of them has any sign or scrap.

    So I decided a little WD40 was in order, but not spraying it!!!
    Just a few drops, carefully positioned into the collar seating, without touching or dirtying the central friction ring.

    2023-06-22 22.35.23.jpg

    Now cleaned from paint scraps and lubricated...
    ... it turns with one finger and closes firmly only tightening a little the screw

    ( fantastic results for a 6 minutes job )